Crafted with love in Piedmont, for the perfect aperitivo


Vermò is the result of the dream of two friends,
Ettore (Italian) and Jorge (Spanish).


While living in Barcelona, they find out that a new
drink was getting trendy in the city, vermouth.


They are both immediately attracted by such drink, partly because it reminds them of their grandfathers, but mainly for the moments it identifies with and makes unique. Both fall in love with this drink, and, whenever the opportunity arises, let their friends try vermouth and discover a taste that was forgotten.  


With time, it grows in them the willingness to produce a new vermouth to let younger people discover such a classic elixir.


They both had something clear in their minds: Vermò had to be a high quality vermouth, with a young and modern look, in order to crown again vermouth as the king of aperitivo.


Vermò has a distinctive citrus aroma and taste,

provided by the lemon, orange and ginger.


This spices mix makes it really fresh in mouth, combined with
the herbaceous notes 
of mint and coriander,

and rounded by aromas of vanilla and cinnamon.


All with a pleasant bitter end, inviting to another sip.


Such characteristics make Vermò perfect to be enjoyed on the rocks,
garnished with a twist of orange or lemon.


The real Italian aperitivo!

Foto con medaglie


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A proper transportation method for the bottles is key. That is why our packing system is shockproof.


Barcelona by Tyler Hendy

Where the idea of Vermò was born. A city that has witnessed vermouth`s revival, and where it has become a trendy and young drink for the aperitivo.


Torino by Manuel Reinhard

Where vermouth was born. A city that symbolizes the drink’s tradition and its craftsmanship, respecting its origins and the way of understanding the product.


Roma by Willian West

Where Vermò starts its journey. A city that represents the Italian lifestyle at its best, and which never lost its true essence. Just like vermouth.